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Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Franchise

Do you need a website?
Do you need a Google Ad-words Manager?
Do you need more customers?
Need a Brand for your cleaning business?


If this sounds like you then why not partner with Arising Cleaning Services today, for as little as £95+VAT per month you can use our website, branding and support to build up your very own cleaning business.

Unlike our cleaning management franchise opportunity which is focused on building up a residual income via Regular domestic cleaning services, instead of this opportunity, you will be carrying out the majority of the work yourself; however, you can run the business as you see fit within your local area.

Cleaning Franchise


How does this work?

For example, Mrs Mop has been running her own cleaning business for the last two years, she gets the majority of her customers through word of mouth and makes between £1500-2000 per month, without a website, branding etc.

Now take for example Mrs Jones, she also runs her own cleaning business for the last two years but now wants more customers, better branding to grow her £1500-2000 per month business to £3000-4000 per month business, she does this by becoming a Licensee of Arising cleaning services, she has now gained the trust of the local community by having a brand behind her name, and her income has increased.

Do I need any capital?

Yes, assuming you already run your own cleaning business, have all the right equipment, materials etc. you will need a Marketing budget for at least 2 months to build yourself up, usually within the first month you would have made enough to cover these overheads.

I have never done cleaning before?

This opportunity has been designed for those that already do run their own cleaning businesses, that need the support to build up their business to gain more clients and to increase their incomes, If however, you are a very confident individual and feel like you can provide cleaning services, end-of-tenancy, oven and carpet cleaning and have or willing to purchase the right chemicals and equipment.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who feels like they are interested in this opportunity and want help and assistance in growing their cleaning business under one umbrella brand.

What are the costs involved?

License fee- £95+VAT per month ( £114 ) (First six months paid in advance)
Website setup cost – £250
Monthly Google Budget – £300 – £500 per month
Your time, materials, equipment and transportation cost

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