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    Are you looking to start your own cleaning business?

    If yes, you should consider a partnership with Arising Cleaning Services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a License fee?

    Yes, for a small monthly fee of £125, you can operate your own cleaning business using our brand; if you are outside the UK, the price remains the same but will be calculated based on current currency rates. The first twelve months are paid upfront, and then every six months thereafter.

    How do I get started?

    Contact us today by completing the contact form.

    What happens after I have signed up?

    Once you have signed up to become a Licensee, you can start running your cleaning business; we will need to discuss the branding of your business, I,e websites, clothing and vehicle signage.

    Why should you partner with Arising?

    At Arising, we believe in our brand; you should have a fabulous brand to go with your cleaning business; instead of spending time and money trying to develop a brand, why not use ours?

    Are we a cleaning franchise?

    No! Unlike a franchise, licensing allows you to run and operate your cleaning business however you see fit, without our interference.

    What benefits are there to partnering with Arising?

    We won’t be involved in the day-to-day running of your business; however, we can help you and give you great advice along your journey, which we have learned along the way.

    Arising Cleaning Franchise

    How to start my own cleaning business

    According to the British Cleaning Council, in 2019, the UK cleaning industry employed over 800,000 people and contributed over £24 billion to the economy. If you’re looking to join those ranks, you’ll find quite a few benefits to owning your own business – especially a cleaning one.

    Low startup costs

    One of the great benefits of starting a cleaning business is the low startup costs. Because you work at client premises, you won’t need a storefront, and since you don’t sell a product, there aren’t upfront costs associated with accumulating stock. Ultimately all you need is the right cleaning products, a way to transport them to different locations and the proper insurance to protect you.

    No experience required

    There aren’t many requirements or qualifications for becoming a cleaner, so there’s a low barrier to entry. However, educating yourself on the safe use of chemicals and reading the labels on all products before using them is worthwhile.

    How much does it cost to start a cleaning business?

    You might have a smaller budget when you’re starting in business. So think carefully about how much equipment you might need on day one, week one, and month one.

    Your startup costs can vary significantly depending on the type of cleaning business that you start. A domestic cleaning service may only require a small investment in essential items such as mops and cleaning cloths. Sometimes, a client may even provide you with some cleaning tools in their home.

    There are the essentials like vacuums, mops, cloths and cleaning products that you’ll need – but have you considered specific signage that you’re legally required to have? Will your staff have full uniforms, or will an apron do?

    Think about the minimum required to do a good job. Start small and build your business as you go. If you begin with the basics, you can always enhance your offer once you start to make a profit.

    Plan to become a commercial or a specialist cleaner. There may be higher costs associated with this as you’d likely need an equipment trolley, professional vacuum cleaner, other extensive equipment and a van to move it all about. And if you’re using a car or van to get around, you’ll probably need to consider van insurance too.

    How to get a cleaning contract and your first cleaning client

    Getting your first client when you’re just starting can take much work. Often, you’ll need a multi-faceted approach to get the word out about your new business. Here are a few ways you can try and reach prospective clients:

    Utilise family and friends’ contacts

    Talk to everyone about your new business – you never know who may be looking for a cleaner at that exact moment. If all of your family and friends know that you’re starting a business, they can share that information with their networks too. If they hear of someone that needs a cleaner, they’ll be able to recommend your company.

    Post on community groups

    Please be sure to look for local community groups or posting boards where you can promote your business on. Whether it’s the next-door app or a Facebook group for your local area, there’s sure to be somewhere that you can drum up business near you.

    Promote your services with business cards or flyers

    Having flyers or business cards can be incredibly useful if you meet someone who may be interested in your cleaning services. Having a handout they can take away and consider can be a beneficial marketing tool. You can also consider posting flyers on local notice boards or cafes that allow that.

    Could you promote your cleaning service on social media?

    Creating a Facebook page, responding to comments, complaints and enquiries, and engaging online with your customers will significantly boost real-life customer and client relationships.

    Provide outstanding service so you get word-of-mouth recommendations

    Businesses like yours often run on word-of-mouth recommendations generated when existing customers are happy. Once you’ve got business, make sure that you nurture the relationships with those clients so that they’ll recommend you to others.

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